segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2009

tough love

girls deceive
and make boys believe
boys lie
and make girls cry

love hurts
and there's no way around it
but sometimes i wish
i was on the other side of it

boys cry
and make girls believe
girls lie
and make boys deceive

love is tough
but i am tougher
don't you be rough
or you're one dead lover

girls cry
and make boys lie

love is vile
but i love it
if you see me smile
just go with it

boys deceive
and make girls lie

love is cold
when my bed is empty
no hand to hold
no use for my warmth

girls believe
and make boys cry

i want to hurt love
like it hurt me
i want it dead cold
i'll show it villany

boys do something
that makes girls want to die
girls do everything
to pretend it's just fine

i can't decide wich way it goes
so i'll wrap it up
in few simple words

we all fucked up
and tied our own rope
but while there is love
there is still hope

2 comentários:

Avram Garrison disse...

É teu? Parabéns, está muito bonito mesmo! So true :\

Sue disse...

Pois é. Sou contra o plágio, não acho bonito. xP Thanks, Garrison!